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I've worked in large Fortune 100 companies and startups; I've been a functional leader and I've been the CEO. In a startup and as a CEO, it's up to you to make the difficult decisions, but even CEOs need guidance. As most leaders can attest, it is critical to have trusted colleagues and advisors that you can bounce ideas off of or seek counsel from. Patrick provided executive coaching and insights on a number of topics – when I needed it. For that, I am grateful.
Lisa Lavin, CEO Anser Innovation

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Proformative Academy Webinar Comments

EXCELLENT speaker! So many great takeaways from this webinar. I will look forward to other webinars by Mr. Stroh.

Great topic and presentation. Patrick held my interest throughout the allotted time.

Patrick .. Great presentation in style and substance . The intensity, importance and relevancy well delivered with passion. Thanks , enjoyed the learning.

The webinar was an eye opener for me, will help me execute better.