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Advancing Innovation; Galvanizing, Enabling and Measuring for Innovation Value! 

Advancing Innovation

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Advancing Innovation is a how to guide for innovation at your company.  This book explains the significance of innovation governance, which is described as a yin and yang relationship, and offers practical execution steps, downloadable forms, innovation insights and Innovation Value Score® (IVS) a proprietary measurement system to calculate, compare and improve innovation value creation. IVS uses a balanced scorecard framework and the book foreword is written by co-creator of the Balanced Scorecard, Dr. Robert S. Kaplan.  While this book will be beneficial to many people that directly or indirectly lead and support innovation, Advancing Innovation is geared towards senior finance and accounting professionals (office of the CFO) and how they can effectively manage, support and lead innovation efforts at their company. This book is being published by the Institute of Management Accountants, who also conducted specific research for this body of work. We believe the call to action around innovation has never been stronger in history than what it is today.  Use Advancing Innovation as your how to guide to drive more innovation value in your business!


Business Strategy: Plan, Execute, Win!

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In today's fast-moving and competitive business environment, strong leadership, insightful strategy, and effective innovation are critical links to staying ahead of your competition. Getting your business house in order can often be complicated, but does it really have to be? How do you take MBA 101 lessons, great models, and exceptional concepts and put them into play in the real world? Business Strategy: Plan, Execute, Win! strives to answers these questions in an educational and entertaining format. Working as a Fortune 20 practitioner with C-level executives, author Patrick Stroh has a keen understanding of the role played by current day strategists.


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Advancing Innovation
Patrick Stroh, CMA

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Praise for
Advancing Innovation; Galvanizing, Enabling and Measuring for Innovation Value!

Patrick Stroh is 100% correct in his assertion that ‘Innovation is hard work and perseverance--it’s not for the faint of heart.’ His blueprint for Advancing Innovation is invaluable for those who have the heart and soul for taking risks and raising innovation value.
Harvey Mackay, author of the #1 New York Times best seller Swim with the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive

Simply competing just won’t cut it anymore. This book gives us the guidance to move on to that next level with confidence: innovation. It’s essential for success in our faster-than-ever-paced world.
Robert B. Hirth, Jr., Chairman, Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO)

The emphasis of this book is unique, focusing on innovation enablement, governance, measurement, and the role of the CFO team. Advancing Innovation provides real-world implementation advice from someone who has actually done it with success.
Jeffrey C. Thomson, CMA, CAE, President and CEO, IMA® (Institute of Management Accountants)

Patrick Stroh’s Innovation Value Score® adds an important and powerful new dimension to the domain of innovation. Stroh’s fresh thinking gives managers the framework and tools they need to evaluate the success of their innovation strategies.
John McClellan, Managing Director, Thought Leadership, Palladium

Praise for
Business Strategy:
Plan, Execute, Win!

I wholeheartedly agree with Patrick Stroh: Good leaders understand strategy and good strategists need to be good leaders. Make this book a strategic tool for improving your business strategy.
—Harvey Mackay, author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Swim with the Sharks without Being Eaten Alive

Patrick was my chief strategy and innovation officer during a time of growth and change across healthcare. He is a very thoughtful and strategic leader with real-world insights.
—Jacqueline Kosecoff, PhD, Moriah Partners and former CEO of OptumRx

Patrick has taken on the often complex topic of strategy and delivered a useful set of insights in a clear, easy to get your head around format and tone. His approach and style allows you to make quick and practical applications to real business needs and real business solutions. A great read!
—John Sweeney, Owner, Brave New Workshop Comedy Theatre; Author of Innovation at the Speed of Laughter

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