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Alchemists from the early Renaissance period searched for a secret elixir that would turn other elements into gold. At one point, they thought that element was Mercury, but it was not, and the search continued. Similarly in business today, leaders are looking for that secret elixir or "secret sauce" to grow, innovate, execute and improve their businesses, but there is no ONE secret sauce. Success in business depends on your strategy, business model, competition, market turbulence, product portfolio and evolution, etc, and there are a series of decisions to be made and execution that needs to occur. Mercury Business Advisors is here to help facilitate making and executing on those choices. To facilitate and consult with you on how to find the secret sauce that your business may be missing.

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What Our Clients Say...

Patrick was invaluable to me as I embarked on my startup company. Working with Patrick was equal parts consulting and executive coaching which is really what I wanted at this point. He listened, then identified 4 distinct areas to focus on and together, we got right to work. The results exceeded my immediate needs and they continue to add value today as I'm executing the strategy.
David A. Seibert, President, Sequoia Vantage

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